the best things about year 3…

… undoubtedly, are the patients.

honestly, the hospital is mostly a dull and dreary place with patients with both physical and emotional needs. But sometimes, we just meet the cutest patients.

Today when I performed cranial nerve examination and asked the patient to open his mouth and say “aaah” to look for any deviation of the uvula, i noticed that he had two uvulae! we were all so curious and excited and took turns looking at his uvula and he was like “yeah i have two uvulae, is it that strange?” (好出奇咩?) He even asked me the purposes of some of the nerve examinations.

Another time was simply an instruction error by one of my colleagues when we were doing lower limb motor examination. He asked the patient to extend his toe (可唔可以翘起你既脚趾公) but he ended up asking the patient to extend his uterus (可唔可以翘起你既趾公/子宫) It’s so hard to suppress laughter sometimes! I later met him in another peripheral hospital (where he was doing rehabilitation for his stroke). He still remembered me as the girl who kept laughing!

We had another patient who faked his leg reflexes (after tapping his knee, his hip would flex as well!!). His “faking” was discovered when my colleague missed his patellar tendon (where we are supposed to hit; to elicit the extension of the knee joint) and he STILL had a reflex! He later asked us if we were playing a joke on him (你地玩我啊) but it was actually the exact opposite =.=

But mainly the patients are very nice to us and although we clerk them like vultures looking out for prey, they usually let us do physical examination or at least reject us politely when they are too tired/were being asked to do physical examination wayyy too many times @@

Block A is ending soon (in 2.5 weeks) and Year 3 is ending soon!! can’t believe how fast this year passed by. It seemed like i have not done much this year (compared to my hardcore studying last year!) but i just want summer to come quickly!! excited for my trip to Sarawak for electives with 3 of my other classmates where we will do attachment at Sarawak General Hospital + play during the weekends!

Note to self: word hard and keep the faith!

p/s. my name ALWAYS gets pronounced wrongly by doctors during roll call; especially those who try to put a cantonese tone to my name. They usually stop at my surname (Yeoh) and my groupmates always call me “Yo” after that.

Oh well. Back to prepping tutorial!


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