CNY in Hong Kong

This is the 2nd year in a row that I’ve been unable to head back to Malaysia and spend CNY with my family.

Streets are empty, shops are closed, and facebook is full of family gathering pictures which make me feel really bad for not being able to spend time with the fam back at home (because my leave is only for the first 2 days of CNY; then I am due for work tomorrow). Largely because I only took leave in March to go on holiday with my friends and i couldn’t take so many leaves because there are just so many weeks of holidays in a year. Plus it’s extremely difficult to get leave in my dept now due to manpower shortage. sad but true :/

Terribly sorry for the inconsistencies in my blogging timing due to work and other preoccupations. I really want to go back to regular writing though. Somehow it’s very therapeutic and allows me to sit back and reflect.

Let me put it in point form because I seriously don’t know where to start.

  • Hit hard on the face – by a wedding bouquet in Mikesee’s wedding – which signifies i’m next in line to get married i’m slowly, insidiously but surely entering a different phase in life. more responsibilities, more bills to pay, a more practical future plan to figure out, parents ageing, friends getting married etc etc.
  • Got closer with Matthew’s family; including the bro and his girlfriend. We went camping together (which is another awesome story! though i felt really uncomfortable without bathing for one day @@), took grad pics together and had dinner together for festivities like Winter Solstice (冬至) and Chinese New Year. They are a truly awesome bunch! ❤
  • Am actively working out more via playing tennis and running, mainly to lose weight because I have two bridesmaids’ duty to carry out in May ’16 and Jan 17′. need to lose my flabby arms and tummy that i gained since working. it has been harder to control my diet due to long working hours and night food is tempting during a long and tiring call!
  • Am going to Nepal in March with Matthew plus some A level mates! needless to say I’m super excited. Have been doing research on what action camera to get (DJI osmo?); am even tempted to get a drone. But they are wayy too expensive. So we will most likely end up renting one.
  • Thankfully work has not been too hard on me recently. I’m back to doing general ward this quartile; but it’s much much easier 2nd time round with me knowing the general flow of things, and with a much more easygoing boss. though i must say working as an MO is so much more different than a HO because now when i go back i’ll think about my patients and did i miss anything and could i have done better or should i have done this or that…
  • I’ve not been that consistent spiritually lately; work has bogged down my spirits and I don’t attend church as often as I would like; I don’t pray often and I don’t allow time for bible reading daily. So am truly thankful to have a few days off to reconnect with God and get my priorities straight.

A slideshow of photos to illustrate some of the points above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way am working on a page for hiking trails in HK. because there are really awesome view of HK that I NEEEDDD to share! ❤


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