…and it’s over? 

a busy, busy week of holidays jam packed with attachments, running errands and spending time with friends and family who came for my graduation. And I’m on call again today >< 
Due to lack of time I’m just going to upload part of the photos and then go prepare for work *cry 


Postcall photo update! 

Too tired to write anything postcall so let the pictures speak for themselves. Most of these were taken during my annual leave! 

This photo might require some explanation. Pseudo-Boo spotting outside Australian dairy Co! 


Ok time for complete bed rest!Nocte 😉  

the long awaited annual leave

really looking forward to Tuesday because I will finally get my annual leave (till Sunday)! My last call was pretty awesome in which I probably have gotten the most amount of sleep I will ever get as a houseman: 8 hours of sleep in total within a single night. Woke up feeling not very post call-ish and very much contented 🙂

It’s probably not just me but growing up is not really that fun except seeing my bank account grow each month. Sometimes I’m just so bored in my room that I don’t even mind working extra hours in the ward because at least work is kind of meaningful but after work… I really don’t know what to do. Meeting up with friends doesn’t seem like a sustainable way to curb the loneliness that creeps in once I get back to my hostel (which is within hospital grounds). Not to dampen the spirits of those who would like to do medicine overseas (particularly Hong Kong), it’s just that I feel so lost now; career choices, go singapore/malaysia/stay in HK and get a PR. And it does NOT help that I’m not consistent with my prayers and daily devotion now with me scurrying to work (it’s easy to just go into coma during postcall) and just general fatigue (physically and mentally and spiritually)

I miss home. I miss my friends. I miss hk island. I miss having a good relationship with God and finding joy in it.

I’m doing two days worth of attachment in another hospital during my break but am going to be just chilling and hanging out with friends on other days. Hopefully it will be a break enough for me to find myself and find God again. But again He is always faithful.


Just some meet ups and activities recently; went squid fishing with church fellowship people in Tseung Kwan O on Saturday night! But the yield was pretty low compared to going to Sai Kung probably but it was still kind of fun 🙂 and I still can’t get enough of HK’s night lights. Really miss HK island.




Cooking at Amanda’s place! We came up with this new recipe of kimchi + cheese + rice which was surprisingly yummy 🙂


And I finally get to meet this girl after so long (and even though we go to church almost every weekend lol)


And dear Judy as well! High street grill for the 2nd time but still great food (and company!)

intern quickie

sorry for the lack of updates. with me on a 3 days one call streak, life as an intern is basically divided into days when I am precall, on call, or postcall.

though I must admit, for a medical intern, I sleep a lot more than most of my peers working in different hospitals; a minimum of 1.5 hours during a call (so far). most people in other hospitals usually dont get any sleep, or just fleeting moments when one can just close one’s eyes for a few minutes before the pager rings again.


my colleagues are wonderful. the good thing of interning at a university hospital is that usually they have tonnes of interns; and after work we will just hang out together. our real “ward complaint” time! lol


me and Judy during her postcall! but apparently she still looks good after many hours of lack of sleep 😛


postcall dessert. bilateral ptosis

miss my uni friends quite a lot though. still go out when i have the time and effort, but still >< its a lot harder to meet up with friends now.

call again tomorrow. need complete bed rest now. probably update again on Sunday!

beginning of ?slavery

note on the title: at the end of housemanship, there’s this “end of slavery” party for all those who have “slaved” through the year. at this current moment it’s not as bad as being a slave i think (at least my signature is valuable!) but still. i kind of get why it’s named as so.

two weeks into work and I start to truly appreciate every chance at what may seem like very basic necessities: food, sleep and going to the washroom. I once joked to my friend that I should just be put on IV fluids and Foley so I wont have to do waste time and go about with my tasks!

We still use pagers instead of dect phones. there are over 80 ringtones to choose from and i chose a superrr long one to make sure it’s long enough to wake me up when i fall asleep (which was partially useful. i nearly failed to wake up on my 2nd on call and actually thought my pager was just ringing in my dream! to my horror i had 4 missed calls. (but thankfully they were not life threatening.) In the photo, my pager is displaying a call for dinner treat by our on call MO! Pretty awesome (and crucial actually) to have a good dinner before a long night ahead.


Postcall look. I’ve done 4 on calls so far, and to be honest it’s tiring beyond description. next call Tues :/


Am sleeping over at amanda’s place tonight which is really warm and cosy but it would take me 2 hours travel to and fro. would stay over if i would be on call the next day tho xd but human company is so so important for social support!


I’m on call every 4 days on average without post call half day. which is literally working 36 hours straight.. but so far I have always managed to find time to sleep; usually around 3-4 hours per call unless it’s a weekend call. which is pretty chaotic tbh.

Anyway work again tomorrow. Need to catch some sleep now! 🙂

begin again

So many things going on in June that I don’t even know where to start. Meeting friends. Beach. Swimming in the sea (for the very first time in my life!)… and getting sunburnt =.= running here and there to make my work visa, applying for this and that, getting registered with the medical council and signing MORE stuff. getting my internship choices. swapping (or at least making 12930298 to) and then finally submitting to fate. praying that His will be done. graduation dinner. attaching at the ward where I will be working as an intern come 1/7. clearing up my room, packing up to move to New Territories, where my rotation 1 hospital will be at.

Processed with VSCOcam

I actually went to set my hair for graduation dinner at a place called Airplay Blow Dry Bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. I really liked my curls but tbh I felt that it was a bit over the top. oh well but graduation is a once in a lifetime thing right! The setting of the place was really nice though. You get served drinks and tidbits while waiting!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Braving the scorching summer weather, I made trips to sai kung twice within 2 weeks. The summer in HK is pretty unforgiving but the view is definitely worth it. First time I went was on a weekday so we basically had the whole beach to ourselves; the second time was wayyy more crowded as it was a public holiday. And it was my first time swimming in the sea, which was more difficult than I initially expected. drank so much seawater that it could possibly make me hypernatremic cos I didn’t really know how to time my breaths properly; and I got pretty scared halfway between the beach and the floating platform that I wouldn’t be able to make it across; but yay anyway I managed to in the end without having the lifeguard pull me to shore 😛

Amidst all the busyness, I still have time to get a little nostalgic over life for the past 5 years especially around the place I have lived since coming here. It’s literally second home to me. And then I find myself taking pictures of familiar scenes around where I stay; this is a side of HK island that actually offers pretty stunning views and memories of things, places, people that i may never forget.



Internship year is definitely going to be a tough one; physically, mentally, spiritually. but i’m going to keep optimistic.

God has a plan. He always does.