Postcall photo update! 

Too tired to write anything postcall so let the pictures speak for themselves. Most of these were taken during my annual leave! 

This photo might require some explanation. Pseudo-Boo spotting outside Australian dairy Co! 


Ok time for complete bed rest!Nocte 😉  

the long awaited annual leave

really looking forward to Tuesday because I will finally get my annual leave (till Sunday)! My last call was pretty awesome in which I probably have gotten the most amount of sleep I will ever get as a houseman: 8 hours of sleep in total within a single night. Woke up feeling not very post call-ish and very much contented 🙂

It’s probably not just me but growing up is not really that fun except seeing my bank account grow each month. Sometimes I’m just so bored in my room that I don’t even mind working extra hours in the ward because at least work is kind of meaningful but after work… I really don’t know what to do. Meeting up with friends doesn’t seem like a sustainable way to curb the loneliness that creeps in once I get back to my hostel (which is within hospital grounds). Not to dampen the spirits of those who would like to do medicine overseas (particularly Hong Kong), it’s just that I feel so lost now; career choices, go singapore/malaysia/stay in HK and get a PR. And it does NOT help that I’m not consistent with my prayers and daily devotion now with me scurrying to work (it’s easy to just go into coma during postcall) and just general fatigue (physically and mentally and spiritually)

I miss home. I miss my friends. I miss hk island. I miss having a good relationship with God and finding joy in it.

I’m doing two days worth of attachment in another hospital during my break but am going to be just chilling and hanging out with friends on other days. Hopefully it will be a break enough for me to find myself and find God again. But again He is always faithful.


Just some meet ups and activities recently; went squid fishing with church fellowship people in Tseung Kwan O on Saturday night! But the yield was pretty low compared to going to Sai Kung probably but it was still kind of fun 🙂 and I still can’t get enough of HK’s night lights. Really miss HK island.




Cooking at Amanda’s place! We came up with this new recipe of kimchi + cheese + rice which was surprisingly yummy 🙂


And I finally get to meet this girl after so long (and even though we go to church almost every weekend lol)


And dear Judy as well! High street grill for the 2nd time but still great food (and company!)

intern quickie

sorry for the lack of updates. with me on a 3 days one call streak, life as an intern is basically divided into days when I am precall, on call, or postcall.

though I must admit, for a medical intern, I sleep a lot more than most of my peers working in different hospitals; a minimum of 1.5 hours during a call (so far). most people in other hospitals usually dont get any sleep, or just fleeting moments when one can just close one’s eyes for a few minutes before the pager rings again.


my colleagues are wonderful. the good thing of interning at a university hospital is that usually they have tonnes of interns; and after work we will just hang out together. our real “ward complaint” time! lol


me and Judy during her postcall! but apparently she still looks good after many hours of lack of sleep 😛


postcall dessert. bilateral ptosis

miss my uni friends quite a lot though. still go out when i have the time and effort, but still >< its a lot harder to meet up with friends now.

call again tomorrow. need complete bed rest now. probably update again on Sunday!

beginning of ?slavery

note on the title: at the end of housemanship, there’s this “end of slavery” party for all those who have “slaved” through the year. at this current moment it’s not as bad as being a slave i think (at least my signature is valuable!) but still. i kind of get why it’s named as so.

two weeks into work and I start to truly appreciate every chance at what may seem like very basic necessities: food, sleep and going to the washroom. I once joked to my friend that I should just be put on IV fluids and Foley so I wont have to do waste time and go about with my tasks!

We still use pagers instead of dect phones. there are over 80 ringtones to choose from and i chose a superrr long one to make sure it’s long enough to wake me up when i fall asleep (which was partially useful. i nearly failed to wake up on my 2nd on call and actually thought my pager was just ringing in my dream! to my horror i had 4 missed calls. (but thankfully they were not life threatening.) In the photo, my pager is displaying a call for dinner treat by our on call MO! Pretty awesome (and crucial actually) to have a good dinner before a long night ahead.


Postcall look. I’ve done 4 on calls so far, and to be honest it’s tiring beyond description. next call Tues :/


Am sleeping over at amanda’s place tonight which is really warm and cosy but it would take me 2 hours travel to and fro. would stay over if i would be on call the next day tho xd but human company is so so important for social support!


I’m on call every 4 days on average without post call half day. which is literally working 36 hours straight.. but so far I have always managed to find time to sleep; usually around 3-4 hours per call unless it’s a weekend call. which is pretty chaotic tbh.

Anyway work again tomorrow. Need to catch some sleep now! 🙂

begin again

So many things going on in June that I don’t even know where to start. Meeting friends. Beach. Swimming in the sea (for the very first time in my life!)… and getting sunburnt =.= running here and there to make my work visa, applying for this and that, getting registered with the medical council and signing MORE stuff. getting my internship choices. swapping (or at least making 12930298 to) and then finally submitting to fate. praying that His will be done. graduation dinner. attaching at the ward where I will be working as an intern come 1/7. clearing up my room, packing up to move to New Territories, where my rotation 1 hospital will be at.

Processed with VSCOcam

I actually went to set my hair for graduation dinner at a place called Airplay Blow Dry Bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. I really liked my curls but tbh I felt that it was a bit over the top. oh well but graduation is a once in a lifetime thing right! The setting of the place was really nice though. You get served drinks and tidbits while waiting!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Braving the scorching summer weather, I made trips to sai kung twice within 2 weeks. The summer in HK is pretty unforgiving but the view is definitely worth it. First time I went was on a weekday so we basically had the whole beach to ourselves; the second time was wayyy more crowded as it was a public holiday. And it was my first time swimming in the sea, which was more difficult than I initially expected. drank so much seawater that it could possibly make me hypernatremic cos I didn’t really know how to time my breaths properly; and I got pretty scared halfway between the beach and the floating platform that I wouldn’t be able to make it across; but yay anyway I managed to in the end without having the lifeguard pull me to shore 😛

Amidst all the busyness, I still have time to get a little nostalgic over life for the past 5 years especially around the place I have lived since coming here. It’s literally second home to me. And then I find myself taking pictures of familiar scenes around where I stay; this is a side of HK island that actually offers pretty stunning views and memories of things, places, people that i may never forget.



Internship year is definitely going to be a tough one; physically, mentally, spiritually. but i’m going to keep optimistic.

God has a plan. He always does.



a week of bliss went by as quickly as it came. i have lost count the number of the times i have told myself “I am going to retire here” every time I pass by a pretty looking cottage/english-looking house. All in all it was a fruitful trip mainly because this is the first time I have done all the planning and booking by myself. made some mistakes (financial, mainly) here and there; luckily mom was there to prevent me from spending too much (but sometimes she’s a partner in crime too! heheh) nevertheless UK is a good place to start, with it being a developed country and people speaking English as their first language.

armed with a Pocket Version of London’s Lonely Planet and Google, I proceeded to plan my trip. Sites I found really useful were TimeOut London and TripAdvisor, which literally gave me all the information I needed on good deals. I mapped out where I wanted to go on Google Map so I would cover a certain area on a same day and not waste money on travelling.

Initially I wanted to lay out my entire itinerary of the trip in the post.. but then I realised that each day I spent in London would take up one post to keep each post not too lengthy. and I was just too lazy to reiterate my entire trip again. and what fun would it be if I showed you everything right!

So here’s basically some highlights of the trip:

Tower of London – NOT free :/ [£24.50 adult, £18.70 concessionary; buying online is slightly cheaper than in person]

Yeoman Warder!

Yeoman Warder!

One of the must-dos if you decide to go there is join the Yeoman Warder tour. Yeoman Warders are basically the guards and caretakers of the Tower of London; but there are specific criteria to meet to be a Warder. They have to serve in the Royal Army for a certain number of years, have a clean record and good standing and then pass a string of interviews. We were brought back to the beginnings of the British Empire and their long line of confusing Kings and Queens and told intriguing tales of power, torture and eventual death. We were also told of the various functions of the Tower of London which included a Royal Menagerie! To think that other countries would want to establish bonds with England by sending exotic animals over as gifts. 😛


King Henry VIII’s armor, with his initials as well as his first Queen, Katharine of Aragon’s etched on it

There were lots of armoury and weapons within the White Tower. Of the little history of Britain that I know (mainly from movies), the armour of King Henry VIII particularly caught my eye as his 1st wife’s (or, as one of my guides said, his only wife to the Roman Catholics) name was engraved on his armour. Though the armours were beautifully furnished even to the slightest detail, they still looked terribly uncomfortable to wear :/

And of course not to be missed are the crown jewels, that will literally leave you blinded with lights shooting from their 19429384-karat whatever-you-call-it. and it’s so awesome that they have one crown per ruling monarch; I always thought it was just one single crown passed down from generation to generation. I guess everyone wants to top the one before lol! But really. Go there as soon as possible or not you might need to line up for an hour just to get in. We got there after the warder tour around 11 something and already there was a queue building up.


London bridge viewed from within Tower of London

After Tower of London, we made our way to nearby spots like The Monument, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern (but stopped paying for anything else hahaha)


Not the main entrance St Paul’s Cathedral but this pic was too pretty not to show you!

Museums – which are all free! [note – they often ask for donations of like £3 – 5 but it’s up to you really]

The sheer number and variety of museums in London is simply astounding; I only went to 4 but there’s literally everything for everyone. History buffs would enjoy British museum (which has basically EVERYTHING) and Museum of London, naturalists would enjoy Museum of Natural History, art-goers would like V&A, Tate Modern and National Gallery, people into science and medicine would enjoy Wellcome Collection and Science Museum. and who says the best things in life aren’t free?

Be prepared to spend a whole day in some of the museums that catch your interest. But as my mom and I did not have the luxury of time, we often just dropped by for an hour or two.


On Millennium Bridge overlooking Tate Modern; Musee de la danse = Museum of dance

Tate Modern is a popular modern art gallery with art by modern day artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. It used to be a Power Station before it was refurbished to be the art gallery that it is today, which explains its industrial chic appearance; which makes it pretty much stand out in a city full of ancient architecture.


Art gallery turned dance space in Tate Modern!

What was unique at that time was they tried to incorporate dance into their spaces, so in most art galleries, they would have dancers (mostly contemporary) perform their art to the public and then either explain as they danced or give a brief exposition after the performance. It was pretty impressive for someone who knows nothing about art (like me) just to see them twirl away and bend their bodies supraphysiologically (like do they even have bones?!) and treat their art so seriously. They also had a floor which held activities for children and adult alike to join in a “mass dance” where they were given instructions to do a certain expression or body language, which I thought was pretty cool!

These people are so hardcore!

An artist making a sketch of  a sculpture in V&A

Two museums just side to side are V&A (victoria and albert museum) and Museum of Natural History, so we did both in one go.
V&A was set up by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (whose love story I absolutely adored) in their attempt of preservation of the arts. Museum of Natural History, on the other hand, has an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils and offers a good introduction to natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc.

We only made a brief stop in British Museum but the number of exhibits around are seriously overwhelming. Audio guides are available if you have time to spare.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone – one of the more popular exhibits in British Museum

Mom vs the dino

Mom vs the dino in Museum of Natural History 

SANDEMAN Royal Tour of London – Free!

This has got to be one of the best deals in town. Our tour guide Ivo brought us through most of the spots with historical value like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St James Park, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament etc. His anecdotes about the Kings and Queens of England were particularly intriguing; and of course I got a recap on the story of King Henry VIII and her 6 wives! Here‘s a poem written about them if you’re interested. and watch The Other Boleyn Girl if you haven’t! 😛


Changing of the guards


Our tour guide, Ivo in front of Westminster Abbey


Buckingham Palace – Queen Elizabeth II was not around as the Union Jack was the one flying. (If she is in, the Royal Standard will be flown at the top.)

Musicals – definitely worth every pound (to me)!

If I made a second trip to London, it would definitely be for the musicals.

*breaks into song and wishes she could do this forever*


Managed to catch Les Mis and Wicked; both were awesome though I personally enjoyed Wicked a tad more (maybe because I didn’t have a movie to compare with)

We got cheaper tickets from TKTS at Leicester Square for Les Mis, (around half priced) but the downside is we didn’t get to choose the seats; our upper visual field was slightly restricted by the floor of the upper circle though (we sat at the stalls) but all in all the view was okay.

Cause there weren’t any discounts for Wicked (you can check the original vs discounted price at the tkts website) so we just went to buy tickets from the theatre itself. Cheapest tickets were selling at £15 but we bought £35 ones which were very, very good already! Absolutely no obstructed view and it was pretty close to the stage.

You just simply cannot imagine the wonder when Elphaba broke into the song “Defying Gravity”. My heart literally lifted from my pericardium (defying gravity ha ha) throughout the whole performance. the props, costumes and special effects were just literally breathtaking. Glinda was really, really good (and apparently we got the standby that day!) and even overshadowed Elphaba a bit in her extravagant and over-the-top way.

Les Miserables had her own share of excellent casts; I particularly liked Fantine’s songs (I had almost begun to tear) and also Eponine’s “On My Own”. The dark, sombre and well literally “miserable” tone was really, really well played out. The comic relief “Master of the Houses” was thoroughly entertaining too!

Day trips out of London 

– Stratford Upon Avon

A quaint, little city which comes alive from tourists coming to experience the world of Shakespeare. This is basically were he was born, lived and died; so almost all the tours and sites of interest revolved around him.


Some school trip/guide by a guy dressed up as Shakespeare; so basically he referred to Shakespeare using first person! (like “I used to stay here.. etc it was quite amusing to watch!) 


Our tour guide David reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18!


Shakespeare’s grave; interesting choice of words!

The tour (Stratford Town Walk) was £6 adults and £5 concessionary; and it was well worth it! We were brought back to various works of Shakespeare, and really the best part was when our tour guide recited Shakespeare’s sonnet 18. That’s the only sonnet I know as we learned that in secondary school.

Upon joining the tour, we were given 2 for 1 vouchers for various foods and sites like Shakespeares Birthplace and Houses but we decided to take a stroll and just chill for the afternoon. The weather was perfect! We even stumbled upon a club for lawn bowling and were taught the rules of the game. 🙂

– Bath


Apparently this street was a popular filming site for many British-made movies; but nothing came to mind when I saw it


Pulteney Bridge! A bridge that does not look like a bridge when you walk on it (has shophouses on both sides)


The Circus 


Pulteney Weir; where Officer Javert jumped to his death in Les Mis the movie

One not to be missed would be the Roman Baths! [£14.00 adults, £12.25 concessionary] They had awesome audio guides that brought you through the history of the Roman Baths with plenty of interesting exhibits.

And another awesome free tour to join would be the Mayor’s Honorary Guides; it’s free and they don’t even accept tips. We were told that Bath was a place of religious pilgrimage which later turned into a place of pleasure and luxury, brought for a great stroll around town including all the popular sites like the Circus, Pulteney Bridge and the Royal Crescent. We literally took a walk back in time and it didn’t take much effort to imagine how it used to be in the old days.


inside the Roman Baths

This week marks the end of my holidays before internship training begins on 1st June. Aint that looking forward to it but if I enjoy my studies, hopefully I’ll enjoy work too! 😛 updates back in Hong Kong.