last chance

i have underestimated by ability to procrastinate.

not been studying much for the past 3 weeks due to various reasons, but mostly because these two months feels like the last chance of actually enjoying my time here before the dreaded FINALS. which is in Feb next year after 1.5 months of study break + revision lectures.

so i visited a coffee shop with the excuse of studying there.

Kubrick @ Yau Ma Tei

2014-11-08 16.00.53-2

It was a saturday, so it was pretty noisy and contrary to what I was told, there was no WiFi.

2014-11-08 19.22.47-2

but i liked their concept of bookstore-cum-coffee shop. and they have a wide range of books, like literature from all over the world (Czech, Spanish, Greek lit?) and especially film books. There’s a broadway cinematheque just next door featuring many international films.

and seeing that the weather had been pretty good lately, i wanted to go out. pretty badly.

so last weekend we went cycling from Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk. the route was around 20km which took us ~3 hours to complete. the weather was extremely good (sunny + windy). the downside to this was that practically everyone was out; most of the time we were literally manoeuvring through the crowds of children + their parents + professional cyclists + random groups of friends hanging out together.

there was literally plenty to see.

we initially passed by Shing Mun River (城門河), while on the waterfront, there were some senior citizens singing, line dancing etc. the air was fresher and the skies were clearer. it was so different compared to the high paced, densely populated part of Hong Kong that I was used to living in.

but cycling could be pretty dangerous. i nearly got into an accident by coming to a sudden halt before turning into a particular resting spot. and the cyclist behind me was coming at full speed but thankfully he managed to brake in time. and one of our friends got into a cycling accident cause we were all going down too fast on a slope and she lost control of her bike which left her with abrasions on her chin, elbows and knees. 😦

2014-11-16 23.13.26

Shing Mun River

2014-11-16 15.40.09

some random resting spot

2014-11-16 23.13.05

Plover Cove Reservoir (船灣淡水湖) at the end of the journey (you may return your bike somewhere before Tai Mei Tuk or even at your starting point if you don’t want to cycle so far.)

2014-11-16 23.12.52

the sunset was breathtaking. it would be perfect without such a large & noisy crowd though. ><

2014-11-16 23.13.00

some tau foo fa along the way 🙂

2014-11-16 23.13.21

find out more about the cycling trail and how to get there here.

and then on another random day when i was asking around for company for nighttime jogging that i ended up making a random hike up The Peak on the darkest route ever via Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. it was so dark that we managed to spot a couple of fireflies. quite an easy and short hike but exciting nevertheless cause of the dark lol!

2014-11-11 00.51.00

2014-11-11 00.48.53

will most probably be heading to Sunset Peak (大東山) this weekend with the same bunch of people! I seriously did not realise how beautiful Hong Kong is aside from its skyscrapers. well better late than never!