day off x2

typhoon signal no. 8 was hoisted early this morning and so for us students it only signified one thing: day off.

it was already raining throughout yesterday with a no.3 and people were already hoping for a no.8 to happen (no.10 indicates the strongest wind btw). but actually just last night I was praying to God that i hoped it wouldn’t be no. 8 today so I could clerk some cases in the hospital today. but i guess God thought that more time doing self-studying and spending more time with Him would serve me better.

ended up happily procrastinating for half of the day though ><.

watched a lot of youtube videos, mainly Malaysian and Singaporean productions. the accent made me feel closer to home. it was nice of Tina to point out that our accent is very expressive; as in we use less words to say the same thing. i just thought that it was broken English but I suppose it’s the way it is from the multicultural background that we were brought up in that makes us unique xd

More than words. a production by jinnyboy and i like a lot of their productions.

another youtuber worth mentioning is a brother duo dmingthing. this is first in their 6-episode web series. it’s only about 5 minutes per episode, so it adds up to about 30 mins in total.

in the Director’s commentary video on this web series “This is Why”, Jim (the director) mentioned that he and the cast used 6 months to create this half an hour video, including storyboarding, casting roles and filming the whole thing. lots of effort were put into this message that he wanted to convey to his audience.

it’s great to see these young people (i mean i am young too haha.) reaching out and striking a chord with their productions with the local community (especially us Malaysians stuck overseas!!). more than anything, it was a reminder to me to use influence for a good cause.

okay it’s time for me to get back to studies. no. more. videosssss