only word to describe the weather here (almost) every day.

one week into summer breaks and i know that the hot weather wasn’t something i was looking forward to coming home. i sweat like nobody’s business and bathing once/day is hardly enough.

but don’t get me wrong. summer breaks are AWESOME. i get to sleep 10+ hours a day, don’t have to cook my own meals and get to spend time with my family =)

had a rather productive week (aside from getting more than adequate sleep every day lol).

watched some pretty good movies.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

A story about faith and hope. about how our ideas of practicality/feasibility sometimes get in the way of us trying something new. the title itself gives you as much idea of the movie (Fish in Yemen, a Saudi Arabian country?)

Perks of being a Wallflower

Thought of watching this in Hong Kong initially but never found the right time. Mainly cause it starred Emma Watson and wanted to see how well she did in a non-harry potter franchise. another coming-of-age movie and a famous quote that came out of it was “we accept the love we think we deserve”. it’s true to some extent and it says in the movie how nice girls always ends up with jerks/someone not as good as they deserve, which i pretty much agree. but then again, i never deserved love from my God. But still He loves me so so much it’s just unbelievable how much He can love so many of His sons and daughters and still be such a personal God to each one of us.

attended SH and thboy’s convocation!!!


once again, another reminder of how time flies. it seemed just not too long ago we were fooling around playing stupid pranks in college, and how half of our college groupmates are working/graduating soon. my first convocation (besides my bro’s) and mama & i kept on saying how we wanted to graduate but not work lol. it’s like a sense of accomplishing something and i can imagine how many hours of hardcore studying before i can finally throw my graduation hat in the air and stuff.

it was great catching up with SH and mama. we talked more about politics (again!) and soaring crime rates in malaysia (underreported in the govt-controlled media, unfortunately) and also our college years. feels kind of na xie nian sometimes but then again. memories will always remain memories xd