6 more hours and the results of Malaysia’s 13th general election will be out (hopefully).

I’ve been paying much more attention to this election mainly cause of the bombardment of anti-govt and pro-opposition photos/videos all over facebook; and also the fact that I am finally a qualified voter (unfortunately i didn’t register for postal voter this time. superr regret ><)

There were countless videos facebook on how Chinese were being deprived of their rights to build chinese schools (they had to fork out their own money for the building, tables, chairs etc through donation and STILL put the school under the government’s claim), the unfair distribution of welfare resources and also dirty tactics by BN (barisan national which is the current ruling party) to fork out voters. My friend told me that BN went out to markets to give out red packets to the hawkers for them to vote BN; and not to mention shipping foreigners in to get more votes (read here). But then again FB is obviously anti-govt and we mostly get biased opinions (while local newspapers have all been “bought” by the ruling party and one can get all pro-govt stuff there anyway)

just got interrupted by a classmate who saw me blogging and quizzed me on endocrine stuff *guilty*

gotta get back to studies and pray for a better government for Malaysia despite the election results! and hope that it will be a clean election and may the people’s choice win =)