rainy tuesday

am having my weekly day off today and am not really spending it productively *guilty grin*

I still have quite a bit of reading to do for surgery block and need to clerk more cases. but today’s rain is comfortably keeping me indoors (more opportunities to slack lol)

Tina introduced me to a sweet youtube video on a sweet couple, Cliff and Wai Jia, who were “matchmade” by God (watch it here) and also Wai Jia’s blog.

This article nearly brought me to tears.

Which makes me wonder about God’s plan for me as well. Lately God seems to be telling me about serving and humility, and I wonder how can i better serve the community and church that I am in.

Had my first experience of serving in the church through Youth Choir, and so far we have done two worship sessions singing a cantonese hymn, Do You Love God? (你爱主吗?)  its a rather different experience because for the first time in my life, I felt involved in a church rather than just being a participant.

It was also weird listening to the sermon with the pastor’s back facing me. A small table clock answered a long-time query of mine, as to how could the pastor keep up with the time without looking awkward by explicitly looking at his wristwatch/ceiling clock.

To be honest I don’t have a good musical ear (despite having learnt piano up to Grade 8; these things are mutually exclusive in my opinion) so singing alto can be a challenge for me when the altos around me are not singing too loudly/I lose the note. So I often have to take the music score back/take a photo of it to practise my alto part. Hopefully my hearing skills will improve with more training (and with God’s grace! XD)

Okay. Back. to. studies.

Hopefully *grin*