Chocs, the dog who loved (many)

My month-long electives-cum-vacation in Singapore has finally and regrettably come to an end. *sobs* Though of course I’m more than glad to be back home where the family is and also where you can find REAL food!

Was scrolling through photos in my phone and found plenty of Chocolate, one of the two dogs owned by my sister (whom I stayed with in Singapore). She’s a mini poodle and poodles are apparently the 2nd smartest dogs in the world behind Border Collies.

I have never had the chance to own a dog at home, though I vividly remember pestering my parents for one for at least 2-3 consecutive years but they stood their ground and I relented (and moved on to some other craze. maybe pokemon stuff). but before that I had a book on all the different dog breeds and I remember reading it cover to cover! Just crazy.

Anyway Chocs is an interesting dog, cause I never knew how a dog could act so much like a human. To say she was “opportunistic” was an understatement. My sister always complained that Chocs is always not loyal enough and simply swore allegiance to whoever gave her belly rubs and brought her food. basically love lah.


Warming up to me just on the first evening that we met. Maybe it’s part of her “is she gonna love me?” assessment. Wonder how much I scored. 

11210176_10152733003856644_1087480708_n Apparently all dogs like car rides! She always looked completely engrossed in the view outside.11253809_10152733003786644_1425064562_nPoor Chocs had a tail infection and she had to wear what my brother in law named the “cone of shame” for a week. She was exceptionally emotionally needy that week, and sulked most of the day, in places visible to public.   


She could probably do a face-off with puss in boots from shrek and see who could come up with the best pleading eyes! in the end I think I gave up some of my chicken rice. Look at that face. How can one even think of saying no?

But i guess it’s because of her multiple allegiances that make me miss her less but it was still fun to come home to a high-frequency wagging tail (she sprained her tail once for over-wagging! lol) and THOSE EYES. such a killer.

more updates on my attachment soon!